Chilis Rümlang-Regensdorf – Visper Lions 4:3 (1:1, 2:2, 1:0)

Sporthalle Heuel, Rümlang. 68 Zuschauer. SR Chuard/Muntwiler.

On Sunday, 18th of September, Chilis had their second game in this season and the first game in the hometown of Rümlang. In a not very successful game, the hosting team managed to keep fighting and got their second win this season, against Visper Lions and got the next three points in the tournament table. This leads to the first place on the tournament table.

The first ten minutes were a big fight on both sides. In the tenth minute after the first goal of the opponents the result was 0:1, but after some minutes C. Baumann scored her first goal in the NLB team and the first period ended hesitantly 1:1.

The Chilis were motivated to do all best after coaches’ speech in time out. Already after 20 seconds of the second period N. Laube scored the second goal for the Chilis.

Halfway through the game the opponents of Visp got some good chances with a clever play, which they used efficiently. After we lost two goals in the end of period J. Tschudin scored and after the second period it was 3:3.

Third period was tense and with options in both sides to score goal. Luckily only goal in this period was from L. Richner and without any lost goal Chilis were celebrating their second win with 4:3.

Best player in our team was Sara Borer who had one assist in this game.
Next game is already on 24th of September in Giffers. Be there and support us.

10. A. Kronig 0:1. 17. C. Baumann (J. Diyenis) 1:1. 21. N. Laube (L. Richner) 2:1. 28. A. Kronig (N. Passeraub) 2:2. 36. E. Jäger (L. Kalbermatter) 2:3. 37. J. Tschudin (S. Merz) 3:3. 47. L. Richner (S. Borer) 4:3.

Strafen: 1mal 2 Minuten gegen Visper Lions.

Aufstellung Chilis:
S. Heldstab (G), S. Ebinger (G), M. Wüthrich, L. Richner, S. Rogenmoser, F. Michel, J. Diyenis, B. Büchi, S. Merz (C), A. Zenger, N. Laube, L. Streissguth, M. Schürmann, J. Tschudin, A. Baumann, S. Borer, C. Baumann, K. Bichsel, L. Gaugere

Matchbericht: Laura Gaugere